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Date: 12/11/2003 Views: 14673 Favorites: 58 Comments: 7


Happy Holidays everyfur!!!!! check out the updates at my place for more.... here's your Holiday Goat. =P


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Great job Foxx. I like how you inked this; even without your ever-keen coloring it's a strong image. And the letter is a nice touch :)


*the evil blackrat sends Foxx a cyber cookie* Good job!!!


Awesome blend of goat and kid (heh). It's amazing how good you're getting.


The letter makes the whole thing seem to work. It's one the the most original triggers i've ever seen. Keep it up, Foxx!


The Goat is my sign so all of the Goat T.F'S are fun for me to look at. Love it!!


Hey look! It's Chirs!- I mean errr....Foxx! XD *dances* YAY! im a fan of your work dude, was a surprise to see you here. Your work rules! ^___^ *boogies some more* Gah! keep it up dude! *runs away*


Have you heard of the Yogscast? Watch their Minecraft Christmas Specials, because one of them is a goat. That EXPLODED. Imma walk away now. *runs away*