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Mad Scientist

I'm still in the planning stages of my dragon sequence. She's based off the girl from Dragon Serum, but right now I'm concerned with the dragon's finished design (if you've noticed none of my tf pics are complete =) ) So first off, help me decide which foot makes most sense! Thank you


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I like that foot that looks more like hand. I always think that dragons could do more with foot like that =)


I don't want to turn this into a forum, but what media do you use? Maybe it's just your method, but I like what you're doing!


Personally I rather like the three toe and dew claw look. It should lend itself well to a transformation look and give her a nice draconian footprint when she's finally converted


I agree with JKrolak. I think the 3 clawed foot looks best, but it will of course be the most difficult transformation to draw too!


I'd say the foot on the right side, lower half. With the four toes? I believe that one seems the most accurate.


I like either the 4 toes and dew claw, or the very bottom left one personally.


If the foot directly beneath the full figure of the woman is number one, and they're numbered counter-clockwise from there, I think three is best.


Hmmm, trying to match the feet to the face of the end result.. I would say either the most humanlike or the last one, the 3 toed with dewclaw.


If you want to go for a more anthro look then i'd agree with tokyoangel, a more "bulky" foot would be better for that look (I also prefer that.) If it's a non-anthro dragon then the top one would be best... i'm not too fond of the third


I like the 3 toes and the 4 toes...


Using Xodiac's numbering system I like numbers one and three.


The second one looks best.


I like the three-clawed, birdlike one. But then my tastes generally run towards birdlike things.


I think the middle right is best


ok i guess ill go for number 3 two using Xodiac numer system


Thanks for the input guys :) I think I've decided on the 3 toe for this sequence as she will be more of a full dragon, so a more draconian foot would suit her. I'm planning on making the blue girl into a more anthro/humanish shape, during which she will have a 4 or 5 toe foot.


O and these were sketched in Photoshop CS 1, Richter :)


If you are going with the three-toe look, please make sure the morphology makes sense and don't go merging the toes... please...


Hmm...well if morphology is the case, perhaps 4 toes/dew claw would work best with the big toe moving back


Could always move the big toes back into dew claws, and gradually shrink the pinky toes away for a three toed plus dew claw foot.


Middle-right, Xodiac 3. I like the thumb-claw, and it doesn't look too avian. OTOH, three toes on that foot would look fine, if they were each beefed up a bit.


Yes, I'm planning on making each toe thicker (I've looked up some ref pics since)


3 or4 toe looks good to me.


4 toe looks good


The one above your sig seems most realistic to me.