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Date: 9/19/2006 Views: 7149 Favorites: 42 Comments: 5


More planning stages...I've decided to go with 4-toe, after looking through some anthro designs. Im thinking of the end product to be mostly dragon, but still have some humanish shape.


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I always liked the 5 fingers, 4 toes settings on dragons. That's what I got, and that's what crodilians got too.


very nice


the way I look at it is dragons fly and they have to grab there food someway so i thought they would be like birds and use there feet to grab it like birds... just my persepctive


+Fav! So waiting for this one. Insectfury, that implies that they flew like birds. Next time you're eating chicken (or the thanksgiving turkey) look at the pectoral muscles and the pectoral girdle (bones of the upper limbs) and think about how a dragon's wings and chest look. Most importantly, most dragons have forelimbs. While I disagree with your conclusions, I applaud you for thinking it through, Insectfurry :)


I can't wait to see this...