Bear Transformation by Gillpanda

Bear Transformation by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female
Panda Bear

I really felt that this piece here embodies what I feel almost everyday, or at least what I see happening in the mirror when I come home from work or after a long walk. I just stand there and watch the changes flow over me...

Well anyway this was mostly done for the commissions sheet but a few of you wanted to see the full thing. so please enjoy and I hope to get some more transformations, down the road.

So if you're into transformation, tell me how you see yourself.

• Do you see yourself becoming who you really are?

• if you're an artist, do you draw yourself becoming who you are?


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Thanks for sharing, this is rather interesting. To answer your question, I do often imagine myself becoming who I feel I really am. I know it's just a thought and there's no way to make it actually happen, but you can always wish. It's fun to dream, similar to what you, and probably a lot of us do too :)


I would really like to say yes but im not that deep its merely a subject that i have always been fascinated by,

Yet not something that i envy or would want to become a reality


I become a different version of myself. A version that's less pent-up, more free. But then, my character is a shapeshifter so technically it's all me I guess.

(I love your work by the way, your tf work always looks pleasant for the "victims." Not in a generic way, but in a way that seems as if everyone involved wants to be involved. It's always a treat to see that you've updated.)


Hmm... I picture myself (since I can't draw) becoming something that matches my personality but the personality shows up more plainly than I actually am.


Nice picture, and thanks for sharing. C:

To answer your questions (neither of which I've ever actually thought about), I've never actually made a character that represents myself or drawn them, and drawing transformation has never really been a wish-fulfillment thing for me.

I think transformation is just something that is really cool because it's a way of experiencing or studying the relationships between bodies and shapes and physical (or even non-physical) forms... It's really more like each form is it's own little adventure, but I prefer to send my original characters on those adventures instead of myself. So I guess that sums up how I feel about transformations in general: it's a new and exciting adventure, with lots of unexpected twists and turns and overall you just don't know what's going to happen next. I guess you can take that metaphorically, as well. C:

Gotta think about those questions more...


Okay I have my answers... In short, I feel like I already am who I really am. I feel like I'm on the right track in my life, and even though there are times where I feel frustrated and wish I could just escape it all, often times those frustrations only make me stronger and I feel no need to become something different. I think everyone has had an identity crisis at some point, but I've gotten over mine. On the outside and inside, I AM who I really am.

As for my art, if I had to pick a form for myself, it would probably be some kind of amphibious shark-man-thing. Not because I WISH to be a badass and mean and terrible and cold like a shark is, but because I already am. Heheh. B]

So for me, transformation (of myself, at least) is a reflection of who I already am, not who I choose to be, or want to be. I would never want to be a shark-monster in reality, because I live in the desert and there's just no water here. Also I don't actually like swimming all that much. :[


Good GillPanda :3


Great work, GillPanda. Keep it up!


It is an journal I had thought of exploring, even if only for a "thrill ride". My dreams have gone way further at times, but yea.


Who I really am? I can always consult my birth certificate for that. I'm always been what's on that document.

Not really an artist, so the second doesn't really apply.

Nice work though.


I'm afraid that I'm not into transformation because I feel I should be something else, but rather from a sense of misanthropy. Humanity is, well, horrible; as a whole, we're willing to do virtually anything to anybody to further our own ends. We discriminate at the slightest excuse, right down to whether or not somebody has a tan.

In a world with multiple species (and more importantly, a world where Mr. Hyper-Aggressive Warmonger Senator knows that being too abrasive may lead to waking up the next morning as a painfully shy ewe) would force people to at least pretend they have a greater degree of tolerance. With luck, faked tolerance would lead to actual tolerance as kids (and non-goat children, too) grew up not thinking that closet bigotry was the acceptable social norm.

That's just an example, of course, but it does help to be able to turn to examples of places where people aren't so petty and self-centered.


I have no idea what I'd truly be, but I can see myself as some kind of canine, mainly a border collie.


Selden: Animals are also horrible creatures that will do anything to further their own ends. Nature as a whole is vicious, unforgiving, and uncaring. But you're right; there is no discrimination in nature. Only survival of the luckiest/fittest applies. Nature does not discriminate.

But I do agree with your point about bringing problematic people down to earth, or putting them in someone else's shoes to teach them a lesson. I'm all for that idea. c:


I transform not because I want to do it myself, but because I want to have the option.

Transformation, for me, is like leaving your sundays free to sleep in. I would go nuts living in the same body my whole life, hence why I'm constantly changing haircuts and alternating workout periods with schlubby overeating periods... I hate to be the same person, physically, longer than I have to be. I want to change. I want to keep changing. Transformation is an extension of that, where my body isn't limited by my gender or species or nothin'.

That's part of the reason I love the Gillpanda look... it's a voluntary and loving thing. It's all about freedom for me... and a reason I don't hang out on deviantArt's TF Community. On the whole, most of them see transformation as uber-misogynist bondage. "And the newly equine Claire was fucked by a horse and never saw her family ever again. The End." It's just cruelty to me. Just my opinion.


For me, the furry side is a fantasy. I'd love to become a bunny girl!

The transgender side used to be a fantasy until recently (after this image and question was posted). Now I'm working toward transition, a slow process and a downright cruel social process.

♥ Kabit