Secrets of the Mana Orb by GrandStorm

Secrets of the Mana Orb by

Date: 7/14/2008 Views: 22248 Favorites: 97 Comments: 8

Forced Transformation

This one came to me in a Dream just last night, The image took roughly 15 hours, and I did it all on the same day (drools, eye twitching). This image also features a magical Item invented in my dream apperetly Called the Mana Orb. Its like an orb full of potion but its sealed up tight. however if your near it and start sucking with your mouth closed (like making a fishy face) the fluid appears in your mouth and can be gulped down. My dream was Vivid on this item The dream also had a lady giving them to men and they began to turn into kittens. I vaguely remeber the woman (likely related to Circe) other than she was kind and motherly. So I replaced her with another since I remembered so little of her. So here we find Briana finaly getting here first victim in my art, and she has a young man 18-24 years likely who she invited over for a drink. He finds the Orb wonderous like magic and drinks in the odd way happily until his paws can Hardly hold it any more


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Amazing color job, I love it.


For some strange reason i feel thisty xD


I love it. And the dream explanation makes it THAT much cooler. I've been having strange dreams like this too for the past few days. Must be something in the air D:


Love it,if you can turn it into a sequence you have an epic win at hand.


Cuuuuuute. :3 Nice one, man. First non-inanimate tf I've seen from you in a while.


yea i've had dreams like that. cool idea for a tf pic :)


i had this dream where i was in this fire, with people burning, they suddenly turned into demons burning darkly, i tried to back away as building suddenly blew up, I woke up when i heard my scream


i wish i am him but not near her she look to evel to me