Locked in the Bathroooom by Halcyon

Locked in the Bathroooom by

Date: 9/4/2013 Views: 18415 Favorites: 180 Comments: 5

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

"Kevin? Hurry it up, man! I gotta piss!"

"Just mmoooment!" Kevin slapped her transformed hand against her new muzzle and looked around the room and pulled the window open, hoping she could squeeze her udder and wide hips through the tight space.

She tried to think about what might have caused her transformation from a man to some weird mix of cow and girl.


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should make a story about it :)


Everything here is safe. Udders have yet to replace the naked female form or the naked male form.


Might want to add a Male to Female tag. Well drawn. c:


Thanks, everyone. I am pretty tempted to expand on this with a story or something.