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Date: 4/20/2008 Views: 9296 Favorites: 49 Comments: 5

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

This is what happens after I look through Cameroo and Zho's gallary(both on FA) one too many times...


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*smiles* yeah, Cam and Zho seem like real nice folks, lots of soul in their work. Never got to talk to em directly, but I've had (have) roomates who talk to em regularly... just haven't had a reason to pester em, you know? Regardless, this is a great drawing. The same said person just mentioned (without reading your comment) that it looked like Zho or possibly Cam's work... so yeah, you did good:>


Many thanks. :) 've never talked to Zho directly neither, but Cam's a real nice fellow. :)


Zho is cool too x3


You rock :D


Aw hey thanks for the comment. I love your work :3