Schwarzmoor tf by Heezy

Schwarzmoor tf by

Date: 6/6/2012 Views: 9203 Favorites: 58 Comments: 4


Request for Schwarzmoor.

Lots of squiggly lines. :D

Had fun drawing this one.


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We missed you!


you seem to be copying kuma's style a bit too much


is that a bad thing, blake? Perhaps Heezy derives a lot of his influence from Kuma. Most artists have some influence from other artist. Such is also the case with catmonkshiro and Black-rat.

Good eye, though. Probably one of the reasons I like Heezy's work so much.


Blake1111 I've been told that a couple times and am aware. It's just the way I draw and it's my natural style. Like hg3300 said, Kuma (and other artists :p) was a big influence on me before I started drawing tf art and is probably why I draw like him. After I finish my requests though, I do plan to get out of my comfort zone and draw more cartoony and realistic art. :)