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Implied Tf
Slime Girl

Name: Annabeth Springs

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Height: 5' 3”

Weight: 147 Lb

Cup Size: C

Species: Hydro Slime Mutant

Birthday: September 24

Occupation: Part-time hero

Sexuality: Straight


-her slime is very water like, having just enough form to let her keep her shape without splating.

-she can absorb water into her slime cells to increase their size by massive amounts, allowing her to basically control water. She can also absorb nutrients to make more slime, adding even more to the max size she can become.

-she can also remove toxins and impurities from water, making her able to turn any water source drinkable, so long as she is able to reach it.


-due to her water like properties, she is barely able to keep her form. A large force hitting her will render her to a puddle, and standing on something with holes in it will cause her to drain down below. While she is immune to all sorts of normal attacks, her biggest weakness is electricity. Any amount of shock can fry her cells, especially when she has absorbed water. However, it must be a strong shock, as minor jolts will have no effect. Hitting her with a good enough charge though should do her in quite nicely.


-money, relaxing, indulging in fancy luxuries, clothes, jewelry, boys, and swimming.


-doing menial labor...or any work for that matter, being told what to do, people using her for her money, and jealous wannabe's

Personality: snobby, insensitive, rude, careless, and somewhat of a bitch.....BUT caring, considerate, loving, kind, sympathetic, thoughtful, and selfless with some work from her friends...

-Annabeth came from a rich family. All her life, she was spoiled, getting anything she ever asked for. With no love from her rich parents who cared more about work then their daughter, a void formed inside her. She compensated by buying more and more useless goods, in hopes they could fill the hole her parents left her. However, nothing, wither it be dimond jewelery, expensive clothes, or nice food could make her truly happy.

However, one night, when she was walking home from the local boutique, she was hit by a large blast of energy. However, she didn't think much about it. It probably was some non-rich person problem, which she was happy to ignore. She continued on her way.

However, the next day, thing were a odd. She felt sluggish and droopy, as if she was melting. She made her way out, in hopes to go out for another day of shopping...that is, until her arm fell to the ground in a gooey mess. She watched her body turn from flesh and blood to blue slime. She tried to keep herself in shape, but in the end, she found herself washed down the street drain and into the sewers.

Confused and in fear, annabeth panicked. However, in the depths bellow the city, she found she had a special gift. While she was melted, she found that her now liquid body could be free in the water around her. She absorbed any nutrients she could, and increased her mass till she had populated the entire sewer system.

In hopes of finding help, she did the only thing she could do. She used her now massive amount of water and slime to cause small floods and leaks, in hopes someone would know she was there. But as people began to panic instead of hearing her cries for help, she became angry. She decided to flood the city, to make them suffer like she was.

Though, in the mist of the chaos of water raging, some kind mutant heroes came to her aid. They were able to see her cries for help. They took in what parts of her they could with as many jars, buckets, and bottles as they could carry, and brought her to their base, where they help her learn how to form a new body. Grateful for their help, she joined them in their quest to keep the city safe. However, she didn't quite act so grateful...

...but, as time went on, she found herself learning that it wasn't money and possessions that made you happy, but rather the actions towards others that did. She found herself learning to be a better person as she worked with the heroes....

and then, she met him...


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