Synthex Experiment #6 by Inkblot

Synthex Experiment #6 by

Date: 6/23/2016 Views: 13418 Favorites: 75 Comments: 5

Forced Change

Subject Name(s): Lenora Springs

Gender(s): Female

Age(s): 16

Height(s): 5'3”

Weight(s): 168 Lb

Mutation Trial: FRLST-14 Feral Conversion

Today's trial was a learning experience for us. In our efforts to create the perfect mutant agent, we decided to try our hands at making a songbird feral conversion. Unsuspecting and seemingly harmless, it would make the perfect disguise for an agent to infiltrate with. However, we ran into some hiccups along the way. Due to conservation of mass, the subject didn't shrink too much when she changed. This, along with a rather large transformation ratio of 7 days human, 10 days transformed, would make her job rather awkward. A giant bird hiding for 10 days would be easily spotted and contained. We will have to look into new methods of mass loss if we want to make smaller animals viable as agents.

Never the less, we will being conditioning immediately. Perhaps she could be used for reconnaissance...or perhaps a song could do as well...


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Awesome ^^


A 5oz bird can not carry a 1lb coconut.


but a bird the size of a small human could!


me gusto el giro final lo hacen bien.


Agents? Is synthex a US DOD contractor? CIA? NSA?