Hourglass Figure by Inkblot

Hourglass Figure by

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There is a little history behind this transformation. A few years ago, TFed-Artist (https://tfed-artist.deviantart.com/) opened up for requests. He asked people to send him ideas on some transformations to draw, and he would choose the ones he liked best to draw! I had suggested he draw a transformation in which a gal takes a pill to get an hourglass figured, but ends up getting it more literally than she would like. He ended up actually liking the idea, and agreed to draw it!

However, As time passed, he found himself not enjoying doing transformation art as much as he used too, and he ended up taking a break from it all, which no say if or when he would return. He was such a big inspiration to me, and a huge reason I ended up finally drawing transformation artwork. Seeing him leave was a real shame, but it was his choice, and even though he never got around to the transformation, I didn't hold it against him. I hope that whatever he is doing now, he is having fun doing it.

However, back then my art sucked, and I wasn't skilled enough to get a tv like this drawing. I had tried my hand at it once but gave up when I had issues. I thought I'd never get to see this idea come to life. But I have grown a lot since then! My art had jumped in quality and skill, and I have done much harder TFs since if first asked for the transformation! So I finally decided to bring this transformation to life myself, as a tribute to TFed-Artist and all the wonderful art he did!


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What a cool little story you have behind this. Congrats on working on your art and honing your craft, this looks great!


thank you! Yeah, this tf was a blast to work on, and I am glad it not only is doing so well, but finally lets me see the idea I have been waiting on for so long! I am glad its finally a reality!


Wow you certainly had a long history. I respect that amount of dedication you have to have done this idea yourself.


thank you! Indeed, this one was a long time coming! I am really happy to have it finally be a reality!