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Forced Change

The family lived a quiet life

On the hills outside of town

But all of that would change one day

When the dragon did come around

Its breath stank of vile death

Its scales were black as night

His claws were sharp as razors

And in death he did Delight

It laid waste to the people's Home

Her parents did whats right

they went of to the town alone

to give the beast a fight

The dragon was formidable

The knights were full of zest

despite their will and awesome might

The dragon did out-best

The mother took a nasty hit

But spare her did the beast

The fathers form was well and fit

He made a hearty Feast

The daughter sought for Vengeance

And on that fateful day

She took up sword and shield

And vowed the drake would pay

Up the mountain she did trek

The cave was in her sight

But unknown was her destiny

The lone Pre-Dragon-knight

She called out to the dragon

A fight she so did seek

The beast let out a hearty laugh

For the knight looked rather meek

An easy battle it would be

So the beast did say

But for the knight, she didn't care

It was him that she would slay

A swing from his claw he gave

he thought it would do her in

But the knight would not give up

It was her that was going to win

A stab she striked, Landed firm

Blood spilled out on the ground

The dragon shrieked, but not enough

To end the fight so sound

The poison left his mouth agape

And filled the cave in death

The knight knew she could not escape

Fate sealed in by his breath

But still she fought, Not one to quit

Until the job was done

With all her might, she swung at him

And in doing so she won

her job complete, she took a knee

Death knocking at her door

laid down she did, her soul at ease

her body could do no more

But fate had a different plan

for this young Pre-Dragon-Knight

Magic would bestow on her

Power, Fear and might

Her body changed as fate unleashed

A fierce and vengeful storm

Anger, rage, and hate unsheathed

Now in Draconic form

A master Spoke: "You now serve me"

"It is evil we shall fight"

"Go fourth my beast, Fight for thee"

"My Fateful Dragonknight"


What started as me being inspired by SketchyKnight's (https://sketchyknight.deviantart.com/) Dragons evolved into A colab with killer095(https://killer095.deviantart.com/)! He went and wrote a proper story for this gal! Give it a read here: https://killer095.deviantart.com/art/Valencia-s-Vengeance-748805784


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Good job