The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 5 Page 26 by Jakkal

The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 5 Page 26 by

Date: 1/15/2014 Views: 13873 Favorites: 99 Comments: 7


This is a page from my webcomic, "The Realm of Kaerwyn" (Yes same as the RP I run) where Endymion, my main character, is changed into a raccoon. (As I've mentioned in some of my sketches here). I put more time on the detail in this page than any other page so I thought it was worth sharing to the TF community. I'm not going to upload all the comic pages since this one is likely to be 60+ pages and it's not TF heavy.

If you want to read the whole issue, it's available at


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Nice claws.


Nice nose and muzzle ^.^


That's so cool! Great work - I like your style.


Me soprende tu capasidad de trabajo. siempres vistos tienes el mas rapidos en wed comic. sin embargo tambien eres tienes trabajo detenidos o abandonado.


wow, that's all. It's awesome

dragonspet all your comics years back but didnt realize you started back up! Read all the updates of kaerwyn last night. The female raccoon is awesome....


Oh, is that comic still running? I'll have to go check it out again.