deerteef by Jakkal

deerteef by

Date: 1/6/2004 Views: 32439 Favorites: 107 Comments: 9

Cursed Location

Now there's one thing ol' Artemis gets pissed about is huntin' on her sacred ground. But hey now he at least doesn't hafta worry 'bout hunters.


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Alright! A great deer tf from a great artist!


Nice forehooves, is this a work in progress or is he forever doomed to wander the land of doodles?


I don't have anything negative to say about this drawing, so instead I'll ask why he won't have to worry about hunters. Is he out of season?


I doubt it'll be anything more than just a quickie sketch I did between comics.

As for why he doesn't have to worry, well as long as he stays in Artemis's domain (Doemain?) hunters will befall the same fate he did :]

Then again Acteon didn't get away so lucky, did he? hehehe


He was dogged by bad luck, and some animals can't help Actaeon impulse. :P


Nah: they just wanted to get a little piece of the Actaeon....Actually, Artemis isn't all that hartless: she just misunderstood this guy when he asked her if he could get change for a buck..7x=Q


Excellent art. I would love to see this as a completed piece.


by word, the pose is electric! I'm not normally a big fan of male anthros but this one is just so well drawn it's hard not to appreciate it.


At least this Artemis TF is under her protection...still, though, the huntress is none too gentle with her transformants. (She could at least put up some warning signs?)