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Date: 3/2/2004 Views: 18964 Favorites: 55 Comments: 5

Forced Transformation

Now when you have a character that is a werefox, who's trigger is magic, naturally she's going to come across magic-tainted items that she'll regret picking up. Photoshop painting. Almost ALL the detail was lost. Bigger version on my website.


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Great as usual.


I'd been wondering for months what her trigger was, or if you just hadn't revealed it yet! I may have to comb the archives now... She appears to have pretty broad shoulders because of the angle (and granted, Lore is a strapping lass), but it's a very well rendered picture that hits the details nicely.


WELL worth the wait.


A transformation that triggers on magic? It's Lorelei 1/2!


Hmm. Now that I read the archives I realize it was right in front of my face. Every time Lore's shifted, seemingly randomly, it's been when magic is nearby... except for a few times, like the time she went furry at her foster father's camp. I didn't see any magic being used nearby there.