C owl by Juanvaldez

C owl by

Date: 10/31/2003 Views: 36086 Favorites: 89 Comments: 4


Early stages of an Owl TF. An image I have had on my hard drive for a while. It was a pic for a very close group of friends. Oh, and yes she does exist, it is a real person.


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WOW! That is the best pic I've seen so far from you. She's cute! I like the fringe, its very old fashioned...

Where do you get the inspiration?!!?!?


I've got to admit, I _do_ love your style, but I've been longing for you to come up with something other than the "demoness bursts out of unsuspecting female victim" genre. Now THIS is more like it! ^_^ Nice one.


Oh, yes! This one is awesome. I always love Avian TF's and this is by far one of my favourites (even if the transformation has just started).

Thank you, for this wonderful piece of art!


Awesome! Is it part of a sequence?