Still Can't Believe It by K-Libra

Still Can't Believe It by

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Another sketchy request fulfilled for Nolhyaa on Deviant Art.

Yes, it's all messy and sketchy and none of the lines are clean and they're WHITE, and so many imperfections! Oh, the gut-wrenching shame!

(Basic edit for easier viewing. I suppose it was too much.)


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cmskunk You wound me so. Besides, I'm poking fun at all that's happened the last two posts. Tee hee.


cmskunk Ah, the presumptions.


CMSkunk If you didn't care you wouldn't have said so.




Why DID you draw in white, if you don't mind me asking? It's certainly more striking than the black-on-clay from that last sketch. I usually sketch with non-photo blue on white, so I'm just wondering if white lines serve more of a purpose than is immediately obvious.

P.S. no I won't show you my sketches. they're horribad.


kitsune127 At first I was just planning what I might do, but on a whim I just stuck with it.

Keep them private, that's fine. As long as you further skills at your own pace.


You should re-do this with color, its a bit hard to see whats going on, no offence


I can see how it's hard to look at, but color may or may not happen. I think I'll just make the lines black.


It's an interesting perspective, but, question: Is the hair sort of pooled around her head, or has it fallen off? I can't really tell.


Supposed to be attached, but make of it what you will.


I get banned for years from writing constructive criticism and upholding the TOS... while people are let to drop insults in comments. Man, oh man.


Bouda You gave constructive critic? *le gasp* D= Burn the witch! Burn the witch! Burn the- *is shot dead*

Seriously, that's the sad truth. Many people can't take critic and then rage at you, even if you were polite, nice and told them what you DO like. It really ruins the fun of making comments anymore. You either like something entirely or hate it for eternity. There's no inbetween.

But I never got banned for doing so.

On a related note, it's funny what people consider constructive nowdays. *sigh*


Get a forum, guys.


Bouda and Externica: Not anymore! The offender looks like he's been erased :P