Duck Morph Sketch by K-Libra

Duck Morph Sketch by

Date: 6/20/2013 Views: 8213 Favorites: 18 Comments: 2


Super quick sketch created because of a whimsical suggestion by the artist known as Watsup on FA (a.k.a. Nowwat on DA).


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I like it


*cough* not that this is particularly naughty or anything, but I saw something recently, called "True Facts About the Duck", on youtube...

there's all sorts of biological "wtf" in there that would be ideal if someone did duck tf erotica.

aside from that, waterfowl are relatively rare, so cool beans on giving em a shot;)

oh... one last side note... I recall a talented photomanipulator who went by the name kurt back in the day found that jarjar bink's facial structure provides some unique insights on hybridising a ducklike bill with human facial expression and structure... might be worth studying if you can stand the goofy alien.