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Hello There. by

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Something quick and done in a kind of a simpler style. This was taken from a tiny sequence I drew in the corner of a page in my sketch book from months back.

So, lets see, maybe a little story for this?

You're walking a worn path in a forest when you hit a clearing. You find a sleeping dragon and you stop to think of what your situation tells. Though you walk the worn path, you're actually lost and don't know where it really leads. Contemplating the dragon's temperament, you decide to try and not wake him. But, you stumble and the rustle stirs the great creature from its sleep. It watches you creep by, as you haven't noticed that it's now awake, and notices that look of concern on your face.

Finally it yawns, and your eyes dart to the dragon, who's locked on to your gaze. You worry now what'll happen now that you've botched your attempt at stealth and the result surprises you greatly.

Suddenly, it begins to shrink in size fairly rapidly, with its massive muscles clenching without release. It rears its head back and you hear a pop even from where you're standing. The snout begins to pull back, the scales lose their luster and recede, the vicious claws melt into what're looking more and more like fingertips. You start to walk slowly to the site of the metamorphosis. The wings shrivel and meld into the body and the barreled chest flattens. Hair even slips out from the hide of the shifting being.

Soon after, all that's there is a man who lets out a gentle sigh of relief as if tension was released. Then, from the same prone position, he looks up at you as you kneel down with words on the tip of your tongue. Before you can say anything though, he preempts you, kindly asking a question of his own.

What do you say next?


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Wierd but unique pretty good :)


"Did I get the form right?"


"Can you do it the other around... but with me instead?"


I say:

" Hi, can you direct me to Pis mo Beach? I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque."


Me: *empties pockets, which are full of illeagal drugs* "NEVER AGAIN"


Hans_Niemand Confusion spreads across his face at the rather arbitrary question. "Forgive me", he says as he lies there "but please help me Understand your query."

knaxia A warm chuckle escapes his throat and he says, "I'm sorry, stranger. But I don't possess such a power".

vixens Springing up to his feet, he puts his hand on the journeyman's shoulder and begins to point off into the distance. "You could follow Interstate 222 West or", he leads the stranger's eye to another direction "you can walk to the station about 7 miles that way and take the next train out to the Pis mo Beach's neighboring town. Assuming you have some coin, of course."


scp-173 A frown takes over his face and then says to himself "Perhaps this is something that is out of my hands."


"I carry terrible news, late by months, but of great urgence: they stopped making twinkies and the walking dead is only up to season 2 on netflix."


"Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon®?" 7@=Q


foresight None of this strikes him very harshly it seems. He looks off to the side and then back the messenger, "Ah, I sympathize with you. A shame I cannot empathize, though. Know this; another will take the mantle of the twinkie in due time and you too will soon partake in the gripping drama of surviving a world after the dead have taken it. All things will be made right."

luciusappaloosius Freeing one hand beneath his chin, he points to a tree. "There is a jar in that hollow. Do return it soon with some left for me, please. I look forward to having some with my next meal."


"Uh... do you think you could put some pants on or something? You're naked."


"What the hell just happened!?"


procyonidae Rolling his eyes while keeping his soft smile, he replies "I am aware and I don't mind being nude. I was under the impression you needed some aid, friend."


my_name_is With that, he rolls onto his back. He places his hands behind his head and crosses his legs with his eyes closed as the sun beams down on him. "I merely changed my shape to eliminate any perceived threats and subsequent understandings. That's all."


*blinks, lets out a weak chuckle, then makes a formal bow.* "Forgive the intrusion, however, now that you're awake, I am quite curious you came. Your existence isn't what one would call common around here and your ability to change form isn't typically thought of as possible."


much smoother and balanced and doesnt make transfiguration seem like a horrible thing of intense pain like many do XD, great work


"You look lonely... do you maybe want a friend?"


wolfg He sits up and crosses his legs resting his elbows on his knees while he hunches over casually to look up at the stranger. "Oh, you're quite forgiven. You didn't know that branch was there. If it wasn't you, it could've been anyone else. I understand I'm an unusual denizen, but I assure you I mean no harm. As for the transformation. Well, it's an amusing trick don't you think?"

rainshadow I'm not one for needless suffering, so I don't usually bend that way. I'm glad you like it. ^-^

dave2796 Taken off guard by the wanderer's remark, he answers with a touch of surprise "I wouldn't say I'm lonely, but I'm all for making new friends."


I've got good news... I just saved 15% by switching my car insurance to Geico!


Me : "uhm... hi"

*looong story afterwards...*


alphanubilus He looks on in great surprise, "Amazing! I've never thought about owning a auto of my own, but now I'm willing to reconsider! Though I realize I could not have saved money I did not spend, you have a compelling sales pitch, my friend."

gnhtd As the story was told, he sat up to listen with his legs crossed and his body reclined. With great interest he says "Very intriguing. And so you have stumbled upon me after all that. So what is it I can do for you now?"


ummmm can you point me back to the drive-in? I left for a stroll and can't find my way back


zackman1996 He rubs his chin when he suddenly answers "You should really try the GPS on your phone. But, if you cannot just follow the violets and you'll be where you wish to be."


*warning: this may get a bit science heavy*

Me: Interesting, it seems that you are able to generate a virtual matter displacement field (ooc: in simple terms the he is putting the excess mass in a state that causes it to behave as if it wasn't "real" {i.e. expressing its normal properties}; a virtual state is where the material and the particles that make it up lacks their normal properties but are also synchronized with other virtual particles/substances.)


"Could you tell me where the dungeon with the danger and treasure is? I think I lost my map." I try to keep a strait face, but I am obviosly scared and confused. I grip the handle of my sword worriedly.


The dragon remains amused at the stuttering human's hurried query. Remaining relaxed he replies; "Traveler, why would I lead you into such folly of an adventure? I would not lead one to such danger for the sake of mere 'treasure'.".


"It's not just the treasure." I mumbled.


I say "Wow you transform good, can you do that to me?"