Human Face to Avian Animation Attempt by K-Libra

Human Face to Avian Animation Attempt by

Date: 4/30/2014 Views: 9704 Favorites: 41 Comments: 6


Something I won't keep in scraps since it's not as muddy as the first.

Attempt number 2 at animating transformation.


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Wow! Each picture is a very solid next step. The transformation doesn't seem to "jump" anywhere. Really impressive =)


I'm glad you think so. There was very little planning involved, hurr.


This is really well made Libra, GJ!


Thanks very much, Wolf.


That's pretty baller. Could use a little more inbetweening, and the proportions of the back of the head seem to change dramatically throughout the piece, but other than that, I'd say it's a great animation for your second attempt! C:


Thanks, I know they're very rough and could use more frames, It's me getting my feet wet. I also didn't plan this too well, so next time I need a different approach. As for the head, I thought I'd change the proportions since a bird's skull can be so differently shapes, so I went with that idea. Either way, thanks a lot and I'm glad it doesn't suck too badly.