dragon transformation by Kaju

dragon transformation by

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Hmph, very reminiscent of the Rathalos, a dragon/Wyvern in a video game by the name of Monster Hunter. Still, dragons come in so many variations, it's not really possible to say if one is "copying" anything (except for really out there dragons, like flammies). I actually like the style you worked in here... it reminds me of older japanese style RPGs: colorful, yet with dynamic angles and details. Those shapes in the background add a surprising amount of "completeness" to the whole thing as well... I should try mimicking that trick when I don't feel like doing full blown backgrounds... which is often. (You'd be surprised at how much psychological research can go into artistic "tricks")


Small addendum; *simple* and colorful, yet with dynamic angles and details.


it looks like Rathalos. lol


My take on it:

Who the Hell cares about who he is or where he's from except for those who do. Awesome nonetheless.


It'd definitely Rathalos, that only makes it more awesome.


xidphel most people care because you're not allowed to post copyrighted creatures on the website


Yeah!! You're not aLLOWed!! [high-pitched whine] Nice picture!


I'm glad you are doing well enough that you feel comfortable criticizing someone for pointing something out, but there is more than one reason why I might mention a picture "looks like something". For one thing, people might be curious what the "post tf form" would look like. I personally think Rathalos are one of the prettier depictions of a dragon/wyvern out right now, especially for a CG critter. I am personally mellowed out about the copyright rules in place, though I bet the... luminari that I will be posting later. Despite claims to the contrary, it looks very much like a "Vaporeon" *shrugs* mebbe Vaporeons are based on this sort of critter, or maybe its a hybrid of original design from other critters... like a Sergal. Either way, consider being a little less snarky if you can help it.


Hmph. maybe I shouldn't post when I am fatigued from invasive medicine... I rambled more than I planned... and badly at that. *shrugs and wanders off*


seacigar, stfu. stop talking about art. its FUCKING annoying.


Hmmm... thees dragon is unlike any other dragon I have seen, that makes it isneresing! THEES PIKSHURE HAD HONNAH!


Nice Mask there