TreeFrog boy by Kanada

TreeFrog boy by

Date: 2/12/2004 Views: 19817 Favorites: 89 Comments: 6


It took several hours for Kevin's tiny frog brain to realize what had happened to him...


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Nice one Kanada ^_^ Ya definitly did an advance in drawing here :) sorry BTW for not mailing ya back. I forgot ><;; Hope ya talk to ya soon again though!!


Wow, thats one of the most cutest froggy TF's i've seen, and one of only two in the net that are actually my species ^_^ well done!


*nods* I've been trying to do a decent frog tf like that. good work, professor K ;>


I know that most frogs, insects, and some other animals with bright colored bodies are poisonous, but is the frog that Kevin became poisonous? That is excellent work by the way. When I read through SeaCigar's comment just now, I thought it said something about dissection. That's when I came up with a human turned into a frog tied down in the tray about to be dissected! Could you do it whenever you get the time? Please?


thats one of the best forg tfs ive evea seen


I like red eyed tree frogs a lot and this one is awesome!! please make more with more detail (more digits for feet)!!