Pleasure Island photo Op by KelvinTheLion

Pleasure Island photo Op by

Date: 8/21/2015 Views: 16217 Favorites: 44 Comments: 7

Cursed Location

Another pair of donkeys on Pleasure Island. I'm just hoping you all won't whine and complain about the diaper in the last panel. If it bothers you, don't look at it. I put this here for the people who enjoy donkey transformations.


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No problem withe diaper, and thanks for another pleasure from pleasure island.


Don't mind the diaper at all but I have to ask, Is there a story behind it or is it there just because.


The guy with the camera is someone I traded with. I drew him turning into a donkey. I picked the camera because his sort of work is photo manipulation.


Thinks when a donkey has to go, he has to go, so a diaper might be useful unless the mess seems more natural :-p I guess if i would become a donkey i would just let it go without a diaper, because after all i would be an ass so why not act like one? lol

And no i prefer to stay a wolf :)


It has to be super absorbant. Donkeys can pee an awful lot.


The tf world needs more diapers


an OP photo? xD but wasn't certain weapons OP? x3