Oil in the water by KrazyIvan

Oil in the water by

Date: 6/11/2020 Views: 6484 Favorites: 31 Comments: 5

Cursed Location
Forced Transformation

F20 Tigershark TF

Yes, it is an unusual one, but i like to think im good at unusual, or at least would like to be good at trying new things. This was fun


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(not many tags for this one lol)


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Reminds me of the dragons disguised as airplanes from Hisone to Masotan


Almost as rare as a real F-20


Is that their brain becoming the cockpit?


yep i went there


Idk why, but this victim in his... Assuming it is a he... Kinda cool looking in this state. Fix up the brain issue up top and finish some other bits along with some more changes for mobility and he looks really cool! Idk I think this way.