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4Th Wall
Self Portrait

Transformation Deerification philosophization

Return of Deerdrie

felt like doing a little comic strip tonight instead of the work i was meant to be doing.



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i agree i enver liked poof tf X D


Aw, you know, while I enjoy an extended transformation myself, there is something wonderful in struggling to remember whether you were a capybara when you entered the room.


what is a poof tf? :o


It's when the character suddenly TF's rather than it be a process.


Heh, 'poof', oh deer :P


I love him


“Poof TFs suck” so true.


“Poof tfs suck” oh my god that’s the most true statement on the planet for me, and the problem with it is that TV shows more often than not use poof transformations as a way of transforming people, it’s a pain in the butt because I wanted to see more damn it!


irk, but its a budgetary thing im sure


Honestly, Deerdrie, it's aggressiveness, short attention spans and 'we know all about how deranged you are' attitudes like yours that keep anyone from explaining transformation art or any other niche interest.

It's also largely escapism, though it seems pretty evenly split between artists (and commissioners) want to imagine a better world where they can be what they want and/or give their characters better lives, or a worse one that makes the real world seem better... and if their sex drive is triggered by any of that is really none of the viewer's business unless the artist wants to show it, like Ivan is here by not cutting reaction to your tail.


I don't really understand the hate for "poof tf" because in some situations it works. While I prefer long drawn out TFs I wouldn't say poof tf suck or I hate then.

That may be a very unpopular opinion but I'm standing by it.


Yes, it is indeed very complicated


I feel like he should "poof" to match her, now 😛