Dagby Spader?  An Otter Story by Kresblain

Dagby Spader? An Otter Story by

Date: 12/2/2011 Views: 6436 Favorites: 11 Comments: 0


Technically another character mash-up. This time involving Digby (a humanoid woodchuck) and Dagby (the otter).

I pretty much went for the "I Was a Teenage Marine Critter" dream sequence route, with Digby trying on some experimental specs that gave the illusion of ocean lifestyle. Side effects include spontaneous TFing. The longer he kept the glasses on, he gradually started to look and act like a river otter(!)

Digby (in Dagby's voice): These aqua-dook glasses have really gained my confidence in interacting with water. I have this sudden urge to go snorkeling, hehe.

Inspired by the works of jdpuppy with thanks and apologies to jesper-f whose adorable otter character made this possible.