lionguy by Kuma

lionguy by

Date: 3/28/2005 Views: 15014 Favorites: 67 Comments: 8


Simple drawing of guy beginning to turn into a lion. I might make this into a small sequence later on


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Hiya Sketch! Welcome to transfur! I REALLY like a lot of your work - though some of your subject matters (ie primates) aren't exactly my preference, I love your style - you have some wonderful emotions, and your pencil drawings have a lot of detail :3. Lemme know if you ever wanna do some kinda trade ^^.


Wonderful work, and out of curiosity, is that Ben Stiller?


Ben Stiller?? How did you get that? Lol. [perks up at the word 'sequence' ] : o ) (wink, wink)


Yes yes, very well done. I especially like the ears -- a minor detail, I know, but they came out great. Are there other sites where we might see more of your work?


Tanks alot guys. Chances are, I will make this into a sequence soon. And no, its not Ben Stiller lol.And no, sorry I don't have a site...yet. I just got into drawing Tf style recently and really enjoy it. So expect many others ^_^


A sequence would be awesome. Wonderful job! ^^


I was really shooting for a "Oh my God it's really happening!" kind of expression ^.^ But yes I can see your point.


This one's awesome, too, I'm a fan of lion TFs. I love the look on his face, and the subtle details on the hands and ears.