Bearcouplenighdone by Kuma

Bearcouplenighdone by

Date: 5/10/2005 Views: 27167 Favorites: 63 Comments: 11


A young couple Who've suddenly Tf'ed into Bears ^_^. Colored by Lars, drawn by me. Hope you like.


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I guess they went on a teddy bears' picnic ;-) Nicely done - love their expressions


Not half bad, the directionless shading hides the mistakes in the anatomy...


I think it's great. Thanks for the TF! :)


Yah, it does have some odd problems with anatomy, but it's pretty good overall. It's just got a few limbs bending in ways they shouldn't be able to. :)


it"s very funny !!


not bad and good face expessions. [p.s. i didnt mean to make that guy stop coming here


Yes this pic does have some problems, but besides those its a great pic, I wish that would happen to me...


Alright, ThirdImpact, that kind of destructive criticism is uncalled for. That's not even defendable as critique because it's general; saying "mistakes in the anatomy" does nothing to describe how or where they occur, i.e. "the position of the girl's left foot looks uncomfortable". My point is, if you're going to critique than do it well, otherwise your comments are just foolish and inflammatory.


I don't care what they think Sketch, So what if it's a little off? It's still good. Nice job ^_^ I'd like to see you do a husky soon.


hey, as least this couple has each other, right? nice job, Sketch. I like it.


There are too few bear TFs! This pic shows us why we need more! *thumbs up*