michaelmousedone by Kuma

michaelmousedone by

Date: 11/23/2005 Views: 21452 Favorites: 96 Comments: 15


Heh, I think I can honestly say I'm getting pretty good at this coloring thing. Yeah its quite cliche, 'Mouse TF due to some magic cheese' *sigh* not to good at coming up with the theme of why the person Tf's in the first place :P


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i think it's a fine theme -- there's a lot to be said for comfortable, familiar archetypes. as always, great art -- the coloring's fantastic, the folds in the material really give you a sense of the size change, and the embarassed facial expression is very evocative. would make a great middle of a sequence!


Great work. I second what Prosnail said.


Good.All good.


I agree. Great TF.


Hey if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Certainly one of the better mouse tfs out there.


This is awesome, yes. Only problem I see is that he's got four toes on one foot, and five on the other :p


heheh glad yall like, though for the foot thing, on the foot to the left, his 'big toe" is kinda shifted down, a bit hard to see ^_^


Great. And your right, your getting good at coloring. Nice shading and stuff. What did you use to color?


I usually alter between Photoshop 7, Painter 9 and Open Canvas 3, though I've decided that Open canvas is much easier to do the basic color job, then I switch to PS to add shading effects with the burn tool and lastly, I use Painter for making backgrounds, special effects and textures.....though I didn't really use painter this time around snce I really messed up my layers, heh


I really like this pic! I love rodent TFs naturally. Wish I could find some enchanted cheese! This is an awesome pic, really captures the nature of rodents!


This is a very good pic. I really admire your work. I was wondering if you will be doing any wolf, or dog pics in the future that are colored. All of your work is good though!


Ditto to all the compliments above - plus I love his futile (& dead wrong) protest!


I agree that this is a wonderful tf. It's had to come up with any REALLY original tf modus operendi and I think sometimes distracting when you do. The rat-cheese thing is perfect as would be dog-bone, cat-milk or other similar associations. If you want more exotic try amulets or using zodiac signs. Hope this helps!


very sharp. nice detail.


Neat image. If you're dissatisfied with the "theme," try thinking of it as part of a story, even if it's not a sequence. What's a situation where someone would have an interesting reaction to this change? Is there a technological reason someone would have this happen?