sealdone by Kuma

sealdone by

Date: 12/24/2007 Views: 26271 Favorites: 107 Comments: 11

Fused Legs
Second Skin

Trade with Eala, and my first seal tf! A tad different from how I normally tf folks, but i think it came out pretty good.


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Amazing as ever Kuma, you have got to be my fave artist!


Wow, that's great stuff, rarely see a seal transformation. Beautifully drawn, inked and coloured... The skin seems to be covering his clothes at the bottom of the pic, I assume therefore it's a kind of seal-skin/selkie TF?


There is just so many things. . .right with this pic. The feel, the fat, the face tf, the hair. It's seldom you get all these things right in one picture. My hat is off to you Kuma.


I really like to see a sequence of this!!! Great Artwork!!!


It really helps to have a willing model who can 'pose' for a picture. :)


who just so happened to be wearing a seal shirt....


I love using models - it helps so much! Awesome job here, echoing many of the other comments. Good pose, neat 'hoodie' effect near the head, the wrinkling skin, and the pointy-flipper-fingers. Neat!


Awesome seal TF, usually I don't like how this species looks during the transformation phase - but here it is quite awesome.


Your artwork keeps insiprining me! I've done short stories for the last three you posted. You manage to get a sense of emotion and energy in your work that triggers my imagination. Keep up the great work!


DUDE! this rocks so hard!


Awesome seal TF! Blubberific, LOL!