crowtf by Kuma

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Date: 3/27/2008 Views: 22289 Favorites: 134 Comments: 13

Raven and Crow

Always sorta kinda wanted to do some sort of bird TF....Boy do hate drawing feathers.


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no, your actually quite good at drawing feathers, fantastic colours and a good posture. REally good TF drawing there!


NIce teeth to beak transition..


I don't think anybody likes drawing feathers. Apparently, feathers are a bitch to draw.


Nobody seems to like *growing* feathers either, except occasionally after the fact ^_^


absolutly awesome! there need be more birdy TFS! mebby a macaw r parrot? ;)


Sweet to see more bird changes. Although one thing bugs me, the teeth becoming the beak - anatomically, the beak is a hornlike projection that grows on the outside of the jaw, not from the inside. It's a minor thing though, and besides that the drawing is fantastic.


Great picture, but I gotta agree with Welly - bird TFs that show the beak growing out from inside the mouth always make me feel a bit squemish


Obviously not much of you have seen much of Black Rat's work. Excellent work Kumas. Avians are so rare to see.


Hmm. can I make a suggestion then Kuma? when drawing feathers, most of the mass is smooth, without definition for each feather: the only time you draw them jutting out is when they stick out at a sharp angle, such as the wing primaries, or the tailfeathers, or on occasion crestfeathers or breastfeathers, depending on if the "bird" is fluffed up or stretched at a sharp angle in those areas. too many artists when first learning to draw feathers try to draw each feather in detail, and thats a mistake: the only time you might see the shape of each feather is in the coloring, and then its a subtle color change, like a scale, rather than requiring its own black outline to indicate. sort of like with fur: you dont try to draw every clump of hair, just the ones that jut out in a pronounced way: I hope what I'm saying is making sense, much less helping, Also, I'm enough of a fan of avian transformations that I dont mind if a beak forms from the face, lips, teeth, or whatever: you drew it well:)


Would love to see another bird tf which shows the feet.


You can't win, chile. You can't break even. And you can't get out of the game.


oh yes, a perfect bird tf!


Yeah, your picture is perfect!