Summer Werefox Transformation by LanceFoxx

Summer Werefox Transformation by

Date: 7/19/2012 Views: 10266 Favorites: 102 Comments: 3


It's hot enough during the summer. The heat makes you want to wear as little cloths as possible, maybe even just a t-shirt and shorts. Then... go figure, you somehow become a werefox and your animal side wants out. Your body starts changing. You're shapeshifting, turning into an animal. Now you have to quickly rid yourself of your cloths and, even then, you better hope that your body gives you a summer coat, at least!

I had fun drawing this pic for a LiveStream audience last night. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to watch! I had a lot of fun and may do another one of these soon.

Artwork @ Lance Foxx


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Art still looks awesome stranger ;)


In my dreams :D


always great to see more transformation art from you :3

Love his paws coming in~