Milkshake Ad for Zevtibull by Little Napoleon

Milkshake Ad for Zevtibull by

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Zevtibull from over on FA suggested my end of our trade have an advertisement theme to it, so this is what I came up with :3 There's another page attached that I didn't post here, since it's not strictly TF-related, but it is up at my other art account!

I believe he still has some milkshakes in stock, too, if anyone feels like ordering some (that means he's open for commissions, guys ;) ). Those shakes can have some pretty interesting side effects, especially for any fan of TF! Here's a link to the relevant info:

To mine for ideas for this I dug out an old 1933 copy of Fortune Magazine of my grandfather's. There were so many neat retro ads in there I got an overload of inspiration ^^; The canvas was never meant to get this big, but I got carried away adding this element and that. The top left was based on an ad for sparkling water, the silhouette below it on a blurb for a Sante Fe rail line, and so on. It was the most fun I've had drawing in a long time, and for suggesting it I can't thank Zevtibull enough!

Blubberbutt Milkshakes (c) Zevtibull at FA

Art & Text (c) Me


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cool piece :)


where do i subscribe?


Vanilla for me, maybe I try it malted ;)


I'd buy some, for my girlfriend. heh heh heh


My milkshake brings all the cows in the yard. And they're like; "Mooo"


Oh wow! Nice!


I hope you make more art based on that product

well done