Evidence (Naga TF) by Lucern7

Evidence (Naga TF) by

Date: 10/20/2014 Views: 39733 Favorites: 153 Comments: 16

Forced Transformation

A commission from jkrolak involving a female agent investigating the pharmaceutical company MorphoDyne for evidence proving they do illegal experiments behind closed doors. However after making a wrong turn through the ventilation system, she ends up becoming the evidence she was looking for.

Note Metamorphosis is misspelled on the first page. It was rasterized by the time I noticed so I couldn't fix it.


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I would like to embers explained a little better, I turned on activated systems, no bloquiado departure. Put your alarm or activate a lake.


well i like it. personally i prefer leg fusion but this is really good. keep it up!


very nice done

dont see man naga

but she became a sexy naga


ish good x3


Would we truely except people in these labs to spell every word right every time


It's a bit hard considering that they likely have some alterations of their own, making typing more difficult :p


Its nice seeing snake tails done properly.


Thank you Atrophy is the way to go with Science-y style TFs, for magic it can be a number of processes though.


Hellyea for mostly anatomically correct naga snake half transformation. Also cool color choices.

Kinda campy (and overdone in dragon/reptile/snake transformations or stories in general) that she accentuates her "s" sounds, though; I have no idea where that trope came from, but it needs to die a hard and fast death... That's just my opinion though, because I have a strong aversion to camp. But uh, hey it's your thing, I guess you can do what you want and no one is gonna stop you lol.


It's a natural lisp based on how the forked tongue works, it's not camp it's natural, if you had a small hole in your lips for a flailing tongue you'd make the "ssss" sound more than normal too.


Or it would be a thhh or hhh but hey, glad you put some thought into it. Most artists and writers I've seen don't, so that's a nice change. Right on.


Also you can still fix a typo even if it's rasterized, just erase it, type it in again, and apply the same effects all on a new layer. You got the skills brah, don't let them go to waste by being lazy. >:1


part of being an artist is knowing when to quit, plus I love irritating grammar nuts.


Whatever you say, bro, still sounds like laziness to me LOL.


I love how detailed the scales get! Very cool!


was definitely interesting. kinda had a Perfect Dark feel lol

overall, not bad. however i would say that the speech bubbles looked a bit odd