Contract Disputes by MaLAguA

Contract Disputes by

Date: 11/27/2019 Views: 10809 Favorites: 65 Comments: 10


I suppose the lesson here is to always respect business end hours.


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I realiy hope this is a full senquence


Sadly no, it's just this bit.


should consider expanding it imo but oh well


this is already a third wolf/werewolf that i see today here xD but can't wait for the full version o3o (because is a demo and you wait for full version, get it? xD)


this dude’s just asking to get his face chomped off imo


This is nice


"What do I do now?"

Eat him.


typical American CEO thinks of nothing but how much money they're making or losing. he's gonna regret THAT shortly.


Not even a CEO, just some stuffed suit who sees the projected timeline, sees the company he hired missing it and expects to get something out of it. He may actually have a point, but the way he instantly moves to demanding discounts makes me feel like he's more of an upper class version of the woman who demands extra pickles, then shrieks that she's allergic to pickle and the staff tried to kill her instead of respecting her order and now she wants her money back plus a free meal later. No, she can't return the burger, she already ate it.


I think it's great. The foot/paw bursting out is a nice touch. Thank you for posting!