AxeoftheBeast by MageOmega

AxeoftheBeast by

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So My first attempt with coloring with Colored Pencils was less than Stellar..So I tried coloring it again on a copy with Prismacolor Markers..MUCH BETTER IMO.. Anywho, Go to my DA for the story accompanying the picture!(The link is in my profile)


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Good job! :3 I like how the fur spreading looks in color. It wasn't so noticeable in the lineart. ^^


cool :)


it is not a curse, it is a blessing from the troll gods ...


Shirvallah, fill me with your RAGE! ^^


That indeed, Ghostly. That indeed.


Yeaaaah, it's looks like crap, I can't lie.


Well gee, thanks. It's always encouraging to hear from people who decide that something they don't like is worth pissing on in an attempt to shatter the artist's self-esteem! Maybe if you gave reasons WHY you think it is crap I would give your post some merit behind it. But considering your DA has zero art pieces done by yourself, I am going to assume since you have zero drawings done by yourself, that you have zero experience drawing whatsoever. Yeah the colors came on a little too strong and It isn't shaded as well as I would like it to be. But this is one of a very few pieces I have colored with prismacolor markers. Every time I color, I get a little better every time. So again, I apologize that my artistic skill isn't up to par with your tastes for fap fodder, and I kindly suggest you just pass on anything of mine you don't like next time. Thanks.


I love wow I'm a Mage named Aenicus on dawnbringer