All-outZoeypre by Maska

All-outZoeypre by

Date: 8/16/2006 Views: 6787 Favorites: 34 Comments: 5


NOT DONE YET! With her wish granted and her human body restored, Zoey thought she could be happy, but it was not to be. To save her friends and her home, she has to give herself over once more, but this time it is to fight the great Urshuk, and she needs all the power she can get.


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Your story-based dinosaur TFs, finished or no, are an absolute joy. Thank you so much for coming to Transfur and sharing them with us! The melding of anatomies seems to be your strongest point. Also, your costume designs &c. are marvellous...


My friend saw this and saw the big middle toe and he said "the toe facing the other foot is supposed to be the big one.) me I don't care I don't know anything about dinos or care abot it. Still its a fact he wanted you to know.


The pose is nice and the creativeness of the armor - the foot thing mentioned could be referring to this quick google image search with foot bone pics :)


Yes, I am aware that the inner toe is the big one, it was a mess up while I was drawing it and I didn't notice, it will be fixed and thanks you guys for noticing for me.


I love her dino-skull kneeguards!