Snapping Turtle Wins The Race by Mirandaleigh

Snapping Turtle Wins The Race by

Date: 11/14/2011 Views: 17502 Favorites: 117 Comments: 11


One of 26 images to come, uploaded on my personal website and forum. You can vote on what other transformations I'll draw. Images are part of my own personal donation drive (not affiliated with transfur!).


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If I had gobs of money to toss your way I would D: I love your art!!!!


Who cares? There aren't enough turtle TFs out there.


Slow and steady wins the race.

I like turtles.


Just a quick heads on about the submission and comments if you browsed the site earlier. There was a bit of a misunderstanding about the image, but we've sorted that out and hopefully everything is better now. We're also working on a new private messaging system that will make it easier for us to get ahold of people - it looks like hotmail ate our original email, ack.

Many of the original comments have been removed, but only because they're not relevant any longer. Lets keep things tasteful and discuss the art itself.

It's great to see another turtle transformation on here!


What he said. LOL.

"I like turtles"


YESSS! I love that kid! And the pic. Amazing work.


I like how much detail you'll add to each section however the posture seems odd. It's hard to put my finger one exactly what it is but I'd say something to do with the angle of the left leg and the center of balance. It seems like she's about to jump to the side. Considering the track behind her is around a bend I almost expect her left leg to cross the midline to her right side a bit to add some running energy into the picture. Since there are 26 images total though the pose could be just fine considering what came before or after this.


I like!


haha, love the idea! is there a hare TF happening in the background somewhere? lol


I'm glad to see the issue from earlier resolved itself. Needless to say, though, it doesn't say much for Transfur; I've heard of that sort of thing happening before.

But I digress. I like the artistic quality, but I can see what Artist-Guy meant about the angle looking a bit off. Overall, though, it's pretty good; to be certain, it's a step above the usual material I see here.


Now here's the hard part: making a turtle tf where the shell grows in a realistic manner. In this tf, her shell looks totally detatched from her actual body. Definitely tricky to pull off where the torso swells into a shell while not simply looking like poor anatomy work on the part of the artist.