flyingsquirrelballet by Mirandaleigh

flyingsquirrelballet by

Date: 8/26/2006 Views: 12089 Favorites: 66 Comments: 7


Wouldn't it be wonderful? A ballet... full of flying squirrels!!! and they glide so beautifully with their torn slippers...


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weird ^^


I have no idea how the tutu survived the appearance of the membrane between her arms and legs, but somehow I don't really seem to mind. I like the fact that she's curvy, and not a typical rail thin ballerina.


I agree with Mawkturtle. While the image is lovely, the membrane would be inside the tutu, not sliced through it.


dude, i think this one is outstanding -- the color is very nice like your others, but the lines on this are dynamic and wonderful!! you've got a real eye for action/gesture :3 i approve -- keep drawing!!


1. i love u for ur nice idaes :D 2. i'm not really interesting in if its possible or not cause its looks cool... and 3. did i said i love ur style and ur colors and the emotions in ur pictures ?¿


She looks like she has no idea that anything's happened, either that or she knows exactly what's happened! :)


awwwwwwwwwwwwwww she's gorgeous! an anthro ballerina is brilliant, especially one that emphasizes curves as much as this one!