terrymonsterbomb by Mirandaleigh

terrymonsterbomb by

Date: 9/19/2006 Views: 28109 Favorites: 87 Comments: 12


Terry (from my Terry & Rhode comic), she's pretty good at disassembling monster bombs... but not perfect. Whoops... well, hopefully it's not permanent.


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not sure whats going on here...very interesting...


Nice concept.. monster bombs where can i buy those at? :P


Great idea! I'd like to see more of these...maybe a sequence, or comic?


+ <3 to monster bombs! and i would personally hope it was permanent!


monster bombs-- what a delightful, wonderful idea. the girl is very cute, too.


cool idea, like the poses too


i am a weapon freak, i love guns, explosives, and vehicles. Now i love monster bombs too, i can all ready see the military aplication, imagine being a soldier about to storm a room, out of ammo and grenades? toss in a monster bomb set for like, i dont know mabe a pigeon or something and well, yea toss it in a SPLOOF! instantly disarmed enemy. a true work of art, no?


Monster bombs eh?... hmmm.


I ended up thinking about "Monster Bombs" all day at work. lol nice idea


Yeah, I was in an RPG setting once where the whole "monster bomb" thing would have fit right in -- I wish I'd thought of it. A magic-oriented society where there were very strict punishments for actual physical harm, but embarrassment and humiliation were more or less encouraged. :)


love the Concept, if there is one thing I always find interesting its the items that cause the TF.


=) Monsterbombs are patented by miranda co. haha... =) They play a pretty major part in my terry and rhode comic... The great war had many casualties....=)