charlieform by Mirandaleigh

charlieform by

Date: 10/6/2006 Views: 21356 Favorites: 48 Comments: 6


A different take on how charlie would awaken as a newly made werewolf. More along the lines of what I want when I get to this volume in the future. =)


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Are you gonna ink these any time soon? Its really hard to read anything with all the rough work.


*shrug* I dunno. It's all just ideas for volumes that wont be in print for years, so why ink them? It's like sharing my... i dunno,... thought process. I'm not going to ink them if theyre not the final pages..


You are a great artist and a natural story-teller. You have real talent, truly.


Hm...I agree that it's hard to see, but this is a DANG good, dramatic transformation aftermath.


Very nicely done. You should finish this. It has a worthy story.


You don't have to ink it, just blank out the text and stuff in the speach bubbles and replace it with computer text.