tfwolf by Mirandaleigh

tfwolf by

Date: 11/5/2006 Views: 30135 Favorites: 65 Comments: 8


Because there ought to be far more animations..... that don't suck like this lol >_<() I try, but without grabbing up my animation timing books n stuff, it just comes out as keypoints, rather than in betweens and all.... Blech. It's still neat though, if you're not nitpicky.


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I actually think its pretty cool. nice job


Got to give you credit for doing it though, animation takes time, more time, and then some patience. Did you use the crappy animation feature in photoshop?


I crappily animate in flash actually, because flash amuses and interests me. I have no interest in adobe imageready... that steaming pile bleh. I have a really old version of flash... plus flash isn't easy to use (atleast if it was made by cavemen) I'm trying to teach myself how to use it, so i can draw my own cartoons... <3


More in-between pictures, it comes across as jerky, and is too fast.


wow! Doesn't she ever get tired tfing that fast?


it looks good but the speed of the animation makes it look a little jerky and fast.


Its hard to make animations. The key is to always error on the slow side of things. When it gets sped up its hard to view, and when its slower it builds up a lot of suspence from the viewers. Regardless, it was good artkwork when i paused and did a frame by frame look at it, and good job on keeping the figure layering on the same spot.


To StaryFury: How do you pause it? Anyway, despite the speed, good job!