griff by Mirandaleigh

griff by

Date: 11/5/2006 Views: 26765 Favorites: 71 Comments: 11


He's a griffon... so he can change as he pleases, from human form to full fledged chirp chirp. He's just a kid though, so he's not very good at it and he usually won't change fully human or fully griff....


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Damn comment limit... where was I? Try a program called "monkey jam", it’s free on the net and works well. Only issue is when you make a new animation be sure to name layers differently than in a previous animation, because it will write over them.


Fantastic, if it just would go a little slower!


The detail here is terrific. Witht he changing of the ears, growth of a mane, and how the beak forms over the nose and mouth witht he nostrils moving upward, brow lowering...Heheh. Plus, he's a little cutey.


Gah, too fast. Great pics, but throw some buffer frames in there.


Way, Way, Way, Way too fast. I can't comment on other stuff.


holy crap i think its moving too fast cause it took a while for me to relize what she was transforming into. ^.^


hahah i love the term "chirp chirp" for some reason... nice job!


WAY too fast, but nice job with the animation!


i concure, it is a little fast, but then again, i still like it so it gets an A in my grade book! XD


i love it, but it's way too fast. Could you just make a series instead?


Dawwuh he's adorable! I would take advantage of him. mhm. <.<