shockpaw by Mirandaleigh

shockpaw by

Date: 11/6/2006 Views: 12260 Favorites: 66 Comments: 15

Because I should draw realistic people more often, and yet i dont.... Why is it most of my women are based off me...? I guess I just have a perfect face haha. >_< They have broad faces n big eyes n strong jaws n chins... oy. So anyway, I need to draw more realistic pics more often, but preferably not clones of me, mentally.... Hopefully I'll draw some chubby faced girls and guys soon.


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I love this pic... but damn my eyes... what is she turning into? >_<


i really dont know haha. =p you're guess is as good as mine!


Nice puzzled expression, I'd be careful with them pokey things though.


Resembles a lion TF to me. Nice job.


this is beautiful. some photorealism on transfur is a welcome sight (that isn't a put-down to anyone, either, I just like the style of this pic is all)


Oooh, I really like this! I LOVE her eyes, and great expression! Always fun to see your work!


i dont care who it resembles, GREAT pic -- those eyes are gorgeous!!


You definitely do need to do more realistic pics, if this is any indication. I'll go on record saying this is your best drawing. Do a million more like this and make my day/month/year.


Absolutely lovely! Please promise to never ever stop drawing, Miranda, your uploads are a joy, be they full blown sequences or "merely" sketches.


Wow, this is up there with Ranzab in terms of how detailed the drawing is...this is amazing! o.o


Well, that IS a bit of a thing to wake up to. She looks to be about seven seconds from freaking out.


Yikes! You know what this reminds me of? Ranzab's work. And that's a good thing!


you do realistic AND manga-ish well. I'd love to see you draw sketches in either style!


Very nice! The emotion in the eyes is great!


For drawing someone different from you, you could try getting a model/surfing the internet for photos/looking at deviantart. The piece is incredible.