dreamcatcher by Mirandaleigh

dreamcatcher by

Date: 12/23/2006 Views: 20142 Favorites: 47 Comments: 6

A transformation premise from my new comic series called DreamCatcher. Nightmares can really affect the world of the living, the dream world changing those trapped within.


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I like the premise! The only thing I'm not sure on is wether she's shrinking or growing in the last panel. My mind's eye tells me she's shrinking, though, since the smaller form is in the foreground. So... if that's what you're going for, then I'm sure the inks will look great! And now... I have the sudden urge to listen to Only In Dreams (Weezer). n.n


The monster has a vaguely heraldic look to her


Awesome tf!


Bizzare. Nice though.


I think the visual shorthand suggests she's growing, because the big version is rendered in more detail and made easier to see. Sweet creature, though.


see these are the kinds of things that run around in my head and haunt my dreams all the time but i can't draw nearly as well as you