CharlieVamp sm by Mirandaleigh

CharlieVamp sm by

Date: 1/23/2009 Views: 17343 Favorites: 121 Comments: 6

Charlie get's bit by a vampire, and transforms if she doesn't kill him by the next Hunter's Moon. Main character for my comic, launching on my website in about a week.


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That does not look like a normal 'vampire'...Poor charlie!


Interesting Design!


Very nic, tough she doesn't look like a vampire. Tough admitelly, to become a vampire, you have to drink the blood of a vampire. Does thte bitting transform her in something else?


Methods to achieving vampirism varies from writers/artists alike, so....yeah. As for Charlie's new form, my only explanation is that this is the same Charlie from her previous works.... Great stuff, though!


I'm thinking its more like a vampire-bat kinda thing.


Charlie has been around for years, but only now am I able to actually put my time into creating the finished comics. Story is starting soon. Werewolf and other Charlies are her, but in the fUtUre! WOO.... Lol.