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Date: 2/8/2009 Views: 36612 Favorites: 78 Comments: 3


Hunter's Moon Chapter 2 sneak peek: Zombies attack and Sergei transforms under a full moon. Charlie's problems go from bad to worse. Download Ch. 1 at my store: These are concept sketches.


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Very interesting.. i like the at style that you used.. good job


Awesome - thank you again for sharing! I'm always at a loss for giving crit/complement on your concept work, but as always with you this has a real sense of dynamicism that I love. Constructive crit: The very last panel looks 'wrong'. The problem is that the forehead and everything below the top jaw is at a different psition than it should be (i.e. if you put your hand over either the top or the bottom, it works.) Check out this AWESOME photo ref site for when I'm having these problems: P.S I had a look at your gallery after the last sample you posted up... And I'm actually really shocked that you were given attitude for 'advertising' on this site, given how much you've shared for free for this community. My apologies for not sticking up for you more!


I'm kinda the opposite to tell you the truth. I had no issues with advertising here for TF material.....but i find the samples provided here a lot more cleaned up than on the pay site. After forking out for some credits i was generally a bit dissapointed with what i purchased with them :(