medusa by Mirandaleigh

medusa by

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So mirrors are very useful for you and I. Not so, for a girl transformed into a medusa. BAM - stone AND snakes! Sucks to be her! Probably going to be a poster if I get around to finishing it. Digital painting would be fun. =p No ink lines therefore.


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I thought medusae's powers couldn't work with a mirror, otherwise Whatsisname the Greek Hero (No relation to Sgt. Whatsisname) couldn't have slain her?


Yes, you can deafeat medusa through looking into mirrors, blarrging into her, eating her, or using the wrath of pie.anyway nice sketch.


Lets just say it's a magic mirror, that reflects everything including her powers.


I'd wager a mirror could not work on herself! I think even RL venomous animals have immunity to their own venom.... I don't see much of the stone forming yet.... And if you want to keep the mirror, add the edging or something!


Apparently the artist felt that this one does. Artists are allowed to break away from the status quo, obviously.


And I'm allowed to criticize artistic license.


And now, everyone is safe from her. Well done, Medusa.