lizardtongue by Mirandaleigh

lizardtongue by

Date: 5/27/2009 Views: 15541 Favorites: 133 Comments: 21


People ask me "Mir, why do you say "blar'?" Well, I have a speech impediment. It's the tongue. Definitely. =p BTW, not a self portrait what so ever lol, so no, you still don't know what I look like. =p


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I like it. Clever and original.


Huh, I was wondering what sound a lizard makes other than a hiss. This picture proves it. Awesome work.


I like it. You really have a knack for doing unusual TFs without making them look creepy.


I know you like the Anime style, but I think your more realistic drawings of humans better. Nice job.


reminds me of "blargh"


I would love to see a sequence of that gal; she's off to a good start as it is. :D


Heh, kinda cute.


Hehe, blar. ^_^ Love your work.


Definitely liking the new style of art.


I don't care much for realism since I already, you know, LIVE in reality but if this keeps those negative commenters away.. sucks that you have to do that though.


Great. I hope you will do more of these 'realistic' style.


Been having an identity crisis, art wise I guess. Sorta. I've always been able to draw anything I wanted, but never really focused on realism because well.. I got kicked out of alot of classes in school as a kid for drawing things that 'weren't there'. How much fun is a still life of apples, when you can have a still life of apples with a bunch of faeries flying around trying to grab a slice? Yeah... Oh, and I used to love drawing live models, except I got strange looks from the professors for 'drawing their genitals'. Okay, well when you've got a dick in your face, what do you draw, a kitten? I think it would be more horrifying to draw a naked man with NO privates, than to draw them accurately. Also, live models tend to talk alot to me. It's creepy. I don't look for models anymore. =p


What? In my art classes we were supposed to draw the genitals of the models. This sucks!


lol. I've been physically removed from many 'art classes' in various institutions. Also, alot of you know I draw at the speed of 'holy shit'. This made sitting in a 6 hr drawing class hell, as the students were expected to spend 2 hours on a drawing, and I'd finish in about 15 - 20 minutes, fully shaded in charcoal or pencil. Then, as you also know I'm a bit hyper and have the attention span of a weasel, would then walk around the room for the remainder of the drawing time. This did no sit well with my 'professors', who thought an art room with white walls, no windows, and white floors, was 'clensing' for the creative mind. That sounds like a fucking funny farm to me, not a place conducive to creativity. =p


Man, glad I was never an art student =/ Anyway, realism or no, it's all good.


thats like the opposite of the art class i went to... the room was covered in murals, shelves, and other detrius. I love the pic, btw, esp. the eye and the scales coming in around it. I love it when the changes come in at odd spots like that.


That's one way to say Hi. LOL!


oops my bad


No, you're right. When a guy is waving his genitals in your face, you don't draw a kitten . You do that a woman is waving HER genitals in your face. Ho ho! I'm so punny!


Damn. I wish I could draw at the speed of "Holy Shit!" Then some of my sketches could be inked in, like, 5 or 10 minutes... Having a two hour assignment done in 20 min is frikin crazy. You have a lot of talent. Or skill, or maybe a load of both. Either way, you WROk!!!


I still like this one a lot. It's such a charming piece of work and I remember it often when I look at your work.