realwolfparis pg by Mirandaleigh

realwolfparis pg by

Date: 5/27/2009 Views: 39355 Favorites: 126 Comments: 30


Insert Description here. 3/?


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don't stop mir :) looks great so far


So far so good. I, for one, would like it if you kept drawing the sequence.


always liked your work. ignore the flamers, they're just jealous.


jealous of...? My ability to quote Super Troopers? =3 Littering and... littering and.... =p Who wants a moustache ride?


I think you have plenty of fans, it's just that the criticisms naturally are easier to notice and remember than the positive comments. :)


I'd like to know where these flames are coming from... Please, Mir, don't stop. Please finish this. Thank you.


who the heck is flaming you? Clearly, they have no taste. This, as I've come to expect and appreciate, is awesome. Please never stop.


You do do good work, the only time I've seen criticism (and have given it myself) is when you post stuff that's _deliberately_ far lower in quality than you're capable of. So by all means do finish it. (And as a side note for No-name and Chronitus, comment pages on Transfur have had these criticisms expunged in the past so that may be why Miranda's lament is puzzling.)


Draw what you want to draw, regardless of what other people think. That's the only way to be happy on the Internet.


Realistic? To be fair your work is actually very cartoonish but high quality. Why worry about what others think? Most of the naysayers just want spank material.


DEAR GAWD! DON'T STOP DRAWING! Seriously though, please don't stop drawing. Your art is in my top favorite in all of the Transfur community!


i didn't mean drawing in general, i meant finishing this sketch comic in general. I'm tired of posting things just to get comments such as 'kill yourself' or 'wolf tits or gtfo!'. Of course, all these comments get deleted at my request, eventually. But only after I've gotten so many I have to get help. I do try to draw what I want, but it's hard to have fans if you ignore their wants. Especially the fans that pay you to draw and keep you fed =p. Also, it's very realistic in comparison to my 'normal' art. I usually draw japanese styled artwork =3 as many of you know.


you have always done butiful art work mirandaleigh i really love how you do you seqwences just so you know im one of thos people that have goten some of your sqence drawings in you digital art shop thing just so you know i really like the details you have put into this is look vary butiful .


I like how this looks somewhat less 'manga'-style then your other work. Don't get me wrong manga is cool, but its just so done to death IMO..


I would love to see this finished, but even stand-alone it's already quite good. I wasn't aware you could pull off a more realistic style so nicely! Though don't get me wrong- I also adore the manga style.


I really like this style; honestly, although you (and your commisioners) have some good TF ideas, I don't really like your drawing style. However, maybe it's because I like realism, and I feel that this sequence is better than your usual sketches. Of course, it's just me, and I certainly don't speak for everyone, but I like this a lot. I'd like to see this continue. Keep it up!


ah very nice. I wish to see more


Flamers... hmm... a tf caused by fire, sounds like an idea. And you're right, realistic people are boring. I guess its because we live with them or something like that. Good work.


I for one welcome this new style. It is delicious.


The realistic approach is a good why to expand your art. I like to see the next page.:)




Three of many more hopefully! I like how you improved on the monkey looking werewolves from AWIP, too.


It's looking great, Please contiune!!!!


I know a thing or two about coloring. You can always check my website or various galleries. I just don't have time to color. I'm working on taking over the world, and so I'll have minions that color for me.


Not just great.... just... beautiful, truely beautiful and good work ^^


lol. i like that. 'enter comment here' =p


Whoa, this is incredible! You should use this style more often!


I like this style you are using here. Very nice work!


Oh, you're in the business of trying to take over the world too? Still liking it.


This is one of my favorite transformations you've done so far. Is there any more to it on another site or something?